• The mobile Data Center Container

    Modular, scalable and cost-efficient.
    Ready for your IoT and Industry 4.0 use cases.

Balanced Cloud Center

The Balanced Cloud Center (BCC): highly scalable custom private cloud – designed to meet your needs and deployable at the location of your choice

Designed towards innovative IoT, Industry 4.0 and HPC use cases, as well as various data, compute and power-intensive workloads.
With the BCC container solution, you no longer have to worry about upgrading an existing data center or planning to build a new one. The BCC solution provides you with a turnkey data center delivered in a container, on request also including cloud management software OpenStack or VMware – and a consumption-oriented commercial model along the parameters compute, RAM, storage and network bandwidth.

Matched to your

Power distribution, cooling, IT Hardware and network infrastructure are optimized for the respective IT use case, with cloud platform and managed services on top.

Powerful and

Themodular design of the container allows a maximum of scalability: 10 high density racks with up to 30KW per rack and e.g. 11520 CPU Cores (IaaS).

Rent or Buy

The BCC Container allows you
a flexible resource planning and pay-as-you-go
IT as a Service (ITaaS) model.


Blobs: IT workload and use case optimized server equipment, e.g. for HPC workloads, for in-memory database workloads or for Big Data scenarios


Space for up to 10 IT racks and one central network rack


Up to 30KW pro rack


Cooling via Rittal Liquid Cooling Packages (LCPs) with a cooling power of up to 55KW per LCP.


Interior set up just like a common colo datacenters with a hot and cold aisle separation, early fire detection and fire extinguishing systems, raised floor, alarm system and DCIM software.


Vendor Neutrality: iNNOVO has standard HW suppliers but the customer is free to bring his own HW or ask iNNOVO to procure specific HW for them.


Weather and fire resistant container enclosure


Security: alarm system, individual locking system, security controls and fencing enclosure possible; optional on request: Smart Locks with Identity Management System, CCTV, Intrusion Detection System, and more.

The BCC Container

  • Rittal container: 40 or 20 feet container with 3 meters width; also available in ISO size (12meters by 2,4 meters)
  • Depending on the on-premise infrastructure: UPS and chiller containers can be added into the setup
  • Deployment possible at the Edge to reduce latentencies issues and to fulfill particular data compliance guidelines.

The Container IT Blob

  • The BCC Container consists of up to 5 highly-scalable Blobs (1 Blob = 2x Rittal TS-IT Racks)
  • High power density with up to 30 KW pro Rack
  • Blobs can have different flavors within the container, e.g.:
    • HPC Blob (compute intensive)
    • HANA Blob (RAM intensive)
    • Data Blob (Storage intensive)
    • Customer-specific Blobs

Cloud Platforms IaaS & PaaS

  • VMWare, OpenStack, Kubernetes
  • Openshift & Cloud Foundry PaaS
  • SAP Hana
  • HPC

Further technologies & services

  • Configuration management with ansible & terraform
  • Different storage tiers: SSD, Ceph distributed storage, S3 protocol
  • Managed services: DBaaS, Loadbalancer, application management
  • Customer-specific platforms

The Balanced Cloud Center gives you the possibility to set up your own datacenter according to your IT requirements and workloads.

Modular and standardized:
The BCC relies on standardized components: Container enclosure, cooling, UPS, racks, servers, storage, hypervisor, cloud management etc. Depending on the requirements you can set up your own Balanced Cloud Center as a shared or dedicated datacenter model. With an ITaaS operation model of iNNOVO you can focus on your IT workloads and business relevant use cases – and leave the management of the underlying infrastructure to iNNOVO. iNNOVO offers turn-key infrastructure platforms for many use cases, e.g. Big Data Analytics, High Performance Computing, Industrial IoT, Video Rendering, or Hashing/Blockchain use cases.

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